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land acquisition


As an active developer, Thomas Homes is very keen to acquire and promote further residential land opportunities and would be delighted to discuss your property or site with you. We benefit from a clear and deep understanding of the planning system and have our own team of qualified planning professionals; highly experienced and dedicated to gaining the best planning consents.


Our flexible business approach, with short lines of communication and experience in realising the value of a diverse range of sites, makes us a prime choice for many seeking to maximise development opportunities. A proven track record in successful joint venture projects, where a development site requires the specialist skills of Thomas Homes, has established us as a preferred partner for a number of major developers.


At the outset of a development proposal, Thomas Homes assesses and makes a valid property proposition – and that proposition is solid. Once accepted, we have never sought to re-negotiate an offer. Substantial resources and independent cash funding remove board-level constraint and enable rapid, direct decision-making and full commitment at the outset of a project. We promote and manage the projects at our own risk, without the landowner having to incur expense. Each site is closely monitored by our team, with the commensurate level of commitment and professionalism.